Our Purpose is to be economically and socially useful by improving the lives of our customers for the long term.

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Building social value one community at a time

Debbie Hobbs explains how we’re working towards the goal of measuring the value of the economic, environmental and social impact.

Award-winning social investment

An innovative social investment initiative is now seeking applications.

LGIM now offer clients tobacco free investments

Investing money on behalf of ourselves, our clients and our shareholders is a great responsibility.

Age does not define us

On 1 February 25 of our Marketing and Communications professionals from across the Group came together for a ground–breaking workshop.

Important topics

CEO’s statement

Our purpose is to deliver growth for our investors, help customers build financial security and for society to benefit from our economically and socially useful activities.

Our campaigns

We campaign in important areas which reflect our core purpose of helping people achieve financial security.

Responsible Business

We know we have a responsibility to do business better each year for our customers. We need the best solutions, the best service and crucially, the very best people.

Community Awards

These awards are hosted by John Kingman, our chairman, to showcase the amazing employees we have in our company that give their time for others.