Our people.


“Whether in life or at work, we believe it’s up to each of us to shape our future and make it what we want it to be. And with this belief, we give our people the ownership and encouragement to achieve just that.”
Nigel Wilson, CEO.

In 2015, after listening to our colleagues across the Group, we started work to define, align and enhance our employee experience. Our goal was to increase pride and engagement, while making sure we protect our culture and build on the great things we already offer to our people.

This work enabled us to define our People Promise; a clear articulation and strategy so that we can show and prove what’s important to us and what our people can expect:

Our people should feel in control of their careers, with the tools and support to deliver great results, to grow and make the best use of their talents – working alongside talented colleagues who believe in what we stand for and who live by our behaviours too. We work with our people to recognise that as our customers’ needs change, our shape and capability will need to change too.

By working at Legal & General, we believe we can give our people a real sense of purpose and pride, knowing that they’re helping to better society and the lives of our customers. We ask our people to challenge the situation when things don’t seem to be right. And help us find solutions that balance the needs of customers, communities and shareholders alike.

Work is underway to provide more of our people with an agile, flexible and engaging working environment so that they can be their most productive at work – while also being able to give their best outside of work too. We’re continuing to work with our people to equip them to deal with change, while helping them to recognise that things will continue to evolve too.

We want our people to deliver their best performance so that they demonstrate their talents and differentiate themselves, irrespective of grade, gender or ethnicity. We’re continuing to review who are people are and what’s important to them so that we can offer a competitive salary and benefits that meet both their life stage and lifestyle needs.


We’ve worked with our people to review and evolve our Behaviours to understand what we look like when we’re at our best and are a reflection of our culture and how we do things.

Our Behaviours are:

  • STRAIGHTFORWARD - how we communicate
    Building trust by doing what we say and saying what we mean. We're fair and transparent, open to feedback, always communicating in a clear and genuine way.
  • COLLABORATIVE - how we work together
    Working together constructively; seeking out originality in ideas and valuing the diversity in our teams. We engage our networks and stakeholders to shape our ideas and manage the impact of our decisions.
  • PURPOSEFUL - how we deliver
    Balancing performance with principles to do what's right for the business and our customers. We work with pace and energy, always taking ownership and demonstrating excellent execution.


We operate a number of boards across the Group that govern our working environment. This ensures we’re productive, healthy, fair and develop talented people for the future.

  • The resources board and LGIM’s executive committee are accountable to the Group Board. With the support of specialist committees, such as the equalities, diversity and inclusion committee, both monitor employee trends and governance policy.
  • The human resources directors present and debate the HR risks for each division at the divisional risk boards. Strategic Groupwide HR risks are rated by severity by the HR leadership committee and appropriate mitigation plans put in place. The Group risk and regulatory committee is involved in this process.
  • The Diversity & Inclusion committee is responsible for understanding the Group’s performance on diversity, which includes employees, suppliers, investees and customers. Their activities are reported to the Group corporate responsibility and ethics committee against public improvement targets.

We include employee views when developing the corporate responsibility strategy. Unite, our trade union represent employees on a number of governance committees including the Group health and safety committee and the GCRE policy committee.


Each year we provide data on our employees so that you can judge for yourself what sort of company we are. We try and evolve what we share each year based upon requests from our stakeholders. You can have a look at them in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our approach to diversity is published in our employee handbook, which is available to all employees on our intranet. We run our business with these principles at the core. Their purpose is to help us:

  • Work with the business to achieve the right organisational structure.
  • Attract and retain high performing employees and manage talent effectively.
  • Maintain a high expectation culture within agreed values where employees are treated fairly and reasonably.
  • Attract and select appropriate people in accordance with equality and diversity policies and anti-discrimination legislation (or equivalents for US and European subsidiaries).
  • Achieve continued competence and effectiveness of employees to achieve business objectives, through learning and development and performance management.
  • Remunerate employees appropriately for their job and performance in relation to both the external market and internal comparators, in order to recruit, retain and motivate.
  • Communicate with employees and listen to their views, both directly and indirectly, through employee representatives (in part of the Group where they exist), to ensure employee pride, performance and advocacy.

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