Collective consultation.

We continue to have good partnership arrangements in place to provide effective checks and balances on the way that we work with our employees.

In the UK

Where we employ the majority of our employees we have a long-term relationship with our trade union, Unite. They sit on the Group Corporate Responsibility and Ethics (GCRE) committee and performs a number of valuable roles around collective bargaining on employee rewards and is actively consulted on major organisation-wide decisions.

We also have a management consultative forum, which is an internal board of elected volunteers that collectively represent grade six and above employees (middle to senior management).

In the Netherlands

Legal & General Netherlands has a Works Council with representatives of office and branch based employees. The members of the Works Council are elected every three years and collectively represent all employees. They regularly interact with the Chairman of the Board about issues concerning enterprise policy and human interest. The powers of the Works Council are laid down in the Dutch law. The Works Council meets with the Chairman of the Board in a consultation meeting. In total there are minimal six of these meetings during the year.

In the United States

We don’t have a trade union agreement in place however we do have a good culture of cooperation and a yearly independent employee survey which guides what we do to improve the working environment.

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