Confidence for customers.


We know that Every Day Matters, that’s why we’re committed to bringing financial security, as best we can, to our customers – from the first to the last buyers and from the world’s largest pension funds to those on a deadline to the breadline – we deliver socially useful products and provide value to our customers.


Our customers, whether they’re individuals, companies or institutions, want to know the products and services they buy from us do the job we promised they’d do. They want the assurance that they were fairly treated during the sales process and they can trust that we’ll do our job when they need us to.

Research tells us that customer’s want the confidence that:

  • The product they buy will do the job we said it would.
  • If they’re not happy with the product/service, we will resolve the issue.
  • The financial services organisation they’ve entrusted their money to is financially stable.

To ensure we can help alleviate these concerns, we have teams of people dedicated to making sure we constantly refine what we do for and that we operate in a fair way. We want customers to feel confident that we’re constantly working to deliver our promise to them in everything we do.


Our Group policies and procedures underpin the commitments we make to our customers and investors. They set out the minimum standards and procedures to ensure effective management and control of our UK and overseas businesses. The policies are mandatory and it’s the responsibility of our managing directors and senior executives to make sure that they are followed.

We have two senior committees who’s primarily function is to consider customer concerns and issues:

  1. The Conduct Risk Committee, a sub-committee of the executive risk committee, which is chaired by Philippa Scott, Group Conduct Risk Director.
    Membership includes senior conduct risk personal covering all group business.
  2. The Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a sub-committee of the Group corporate responsibility and ethics committee, chaired by PaulStanworth, managing director of Legal & General Capital. Activities focus on three areas: 
    • Culture – creating the right culture for diversity and inclusion to flourish
    • Communication – engaging our leaders, employees, customers and stakeholders in the diversity agenda
    • Insight – understanding where we are now, setting goals and measuring our progress towards becoming more diverse

Read more in our CSR Report.

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